Big Ideas for a Small World.

VT at Cannex Fillex 2016

With gauges in 42 countries around the world we are lucky enough to make a lot of friends. Events like Cannex Fillex in Denver is an excellent opportunity to catch up with them all in one place.

So it was great to see President of Regal Metrology. Brian Rohleder and his wife, Connie, when they visited the Versatile Technology Stand. We’ve worked alongside one another in the U.S. market for over 15 years.

Also stopping by to admire Versatile Technology’s latest innovations were some existing customers, suppliers and respected competitors. And of course, Chloe, Ogi and Brad were on hand to explain these recent ground breaking designs. Especially those created by our new Special Gauges Unit that focuses on research and development of customised solutions for clients on a case by case basis.

On this occasion, they brought with them tangible results of such R&D in the form of the MW146A Automatic Compound Placement Gauge.

To eliminate human error the MW146A performs 360-degree continuous scanning, real-time graphing of compound and shell edges and unrolls the curl to minimise compound smearing. The process is automated from beginning to end.