V3 – The next generation.

The next generation of Versatile Technology gauges sporting our brand-new V3 system have launched! Enjoy more measurement capabilities and faster processing POWER. Featuring a larger 19” LCD Capacitive Touch Screen with a re-imagined user-friendly interface featuring dark and light themes.

In-build keyboard drawer with a trackpad ensures everyone can operate the systems. You can swipe, zoom and flick (or click) your way to an unforgettable measurement experience!

We all appreciate colourful graphics and snappy interfaces on our devices, but we LOVE being able to feel their raw processing power. Our V3 platform allows you to add tests and scroll results while the gauge is operating. It can handle more waveform graphing, more tests, and more profiles. A revamped and expanded diagnostic introduced into V3 makes its easier than ever to diagnose any issues you may experience while testing. This can only mean one thing, more time for more testing as you will experience less down time. To take it even further, the NEW health monitoring system displays what the potential issue is, allowing the operator to promptly address the issue. Does your factory require a lot of profiles and settings? No need to worry, you can now filter settings, profiles, and tests. Again, it is a new streamlined experience designed for efficiency!

We have fully developed and integrated a remote access and control feature into the V3 system. We realise how important it is for you to keep your factory going, so we want to be there for you, even if we cannot be there. It is always nice to have a helping hand from highly trained engineers at your disposal.

A clear contrast from any other system available, V3 is here and launching around the world now. Does this sound like a path your factory would like to follow? Get in touch with us and experience a full V3 gauge test drive where YOU are in control. Yes, V3 can do that too. Enjoy multiple live stream camera views – allowing you to see the gauge operating and testing from every angle. Plus, a live view and full control of the brand-new user interface. All from the comfort and safety of your home/office desk.

Key differences between our current V2 systems and the upcoming V3 gen.
Out with the old, in with the new. V3 features a slick new user interface that guarantees a smoother experience.