Too True?

Automatic Continuous Scan

Once you’ve decided to go automatic it’s hard to believe how much you now know about every single can you create.

The AD142 Automatic Front End Gauge reports sixteen parameters that involve wall thickness, can height and dome depth for every can tested.

AD142 Automatic Front End Gauge

By implementing Versatile Technology’s  very own Automatic Continuous Scan feature, absolute maximum and minimum measurements are gathered from 20,000 points around each can. Your operator is alerted instantly to any out-of-spec production that traditional four point sampling might take hours to detect.

You can see for yourself as results are displayed not only immediately but graphically too. Making it simple to visualise the exact adjustments necessary for the bodymaker to improve the produced outcome.

Data in such detail ensures that the gauge operates at tolerances which are less than 15% of industry required GR&R standards. Plus the Automatic GR&R test mode saves hours in calibration and eliminates operator bias completely.

Fed automatically by a multi-size three lane conveyor that’s optionally connected directly to your production line so you never need to stop for can size changes.

Yes, that’s true too.