Special Gauges Unit

For versatile customised solutions.

The Special Gauges Unit is your direct contact with Versatile Technology’s engineers who design and build our very precise testing and measuring systems.

They travel the globe researching solutions that better meet your unique production requirements. Chances are, the man who maintains your gauge might be the man who created it as well. Boots on the ground in the field, coming up against real life testing issues on the plant floor. That’s truly face to face R&D. By being there they are able offer custom engineered solutions for specific tests required at only your plant.

Solutions like tailored measurement data output or automation of data output and network integration. Or perhaps custom automation options and enhancements for on-line integration of our automatic gauges.

This kind of flexibility has led to innovations like Automatic Continuous Scanning and the Tab Tracer automatic rivet strength testing station for ends with stay on tabs.

Sometimes taking the form of enhancements to existing gauges or completely new machines built from the ground up. Like the MW146A Compound Placement Gauge with automatic curl unrolling and 360º camera scanning.

Or software systems like our very own vTools. A suite of applications that brings monitoring and operation of our gauges to your fingertips simply using your PC or mobile device securely from anywhere in the world.

Contact the S.G.U. here and a team member will respond with a solution that is designed just for you.