Snakes alive.

We take a versatile walk on the wild side.

Australia is famous for its fantastic beaches, the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and of course cutting edge can gauges. But there is also a dark side to the continent – deadly animals.

Our Western Taipan is the world’s most deadly snake, the Funnel Web spider is in the top 2, the White Pointer shark regularly feasts on surfers on Western Australian beaches and the cute little Blue Ringed octopus will finish you off in less than a minute.

Coinciding with a visit by customers from Japan and the USA, long time Versatiler Bill Young arranged for his daughter Laura to visit us with her menagerie of Australian wildlife including a selection of lizards, frogs, a baby wallaby and yes, SNAKES! Fortunately nice ones.

Our visitors from Japan included Mr Munetaka Ida, Mr Tetsuya Ishida from Universal Can and Mr Shigeru Kuramoto from CKB Corporation. We also welcomed long time customer Clark Ferrell from Rexam Birmingham USA.