Our dedicated V2 processor.

It’s made to measure.

It’s a dedicated microprocessor that’s developed by us for installation in all our gauges. And that’s precisely why our gauges are so exceptionally dependable and robust. (Servicing statistics for long standing customers conclusively demonstrate just how reliable this processor is.) 

The V2 processor has been designed for stability and compatibility over the long term, and we even ensure the evolution of its design remains compatible with earlier gauge models. The accompanying software platform also functions perfectly without the need for constant updates or IT support. It completely removes the need for a control PC running an off-the-shelf operating system, so there is no need to worry about computer virus’s either.

If servicing and maintenance is required, it’s absolutely straightforward because of the quality of the parts and the dedicated instruction set. There’s no superfluous code to hamper processing.

All of this makes the installation of Versatile Technology gauges a uniquely quick set-and-forget process.