V3 – Ready for the BIG screen?

The next generation of Versatile Technology gauges sporting our brand-new V3 system have launched! Enjoy more measurement capabilities and faster processing POWER. Featuring a larger 19” LCD Capacitive Touch Screen with a re-imagined user-friendly interface featuring dark and light themes.

During the pandemic, we took the opportunity to develop our latest innovation – V3. It’s a technology powerhouse providing our customers all around the world. The best in what technology has to offer. Full remote-control access is at the forefront of capabilities along with a larger 19” LCD Capacitive Touch Screen with a re-imagined user-friendly interface featuring dark and light themes. In-build keyboard drawer with a trackpad ensures everyone can operate the systems. You can swipe, zoom and flick (or click) your way to an unforgettable measurement experience! We all appreciate colourful graphics and snappy interfaces on our devices, but we LOVE being able to feel their raw processing power.

Immerse yourself in our new 19″ LCD capacitive touch screen.

Our V3 system can achieve more by allowing our customers to add tests and scroll results whilst the gauge is testing. We encapsulated all the needs and requirements of our customers. This has also allowed us the option to combine our gauges for example the MP44 Automatic Back End Gauge can be combined with our KW141 Automatic Crush and Buckle Gauge allowing customers to correlate finished can dimensions with performance destructive testing. It’s the best of both worlds, plus we added additional measurement features such as our flange angle and j-point module.

Combined gauges are now easier than ever. More capabilities, less footprint.

It can handle more waveform graphing, more tests, and more profiles. A revamped and expanded diagnostic introduced into V3 makes its easier than ever to diagnose any issues you may experience while testing. This can only mean one thing, more time for more testing as you will experience less down time. Does your factory require a lot of profiles and settings? No need to worry, you can now filter settings, profiles, and tests. Again, it is a new streamlined experience designed for efficiency!

Key differences between our previous V2 systems and the current V3 gen.

We have also fully developed and integrated a remote access and control feature into the V3 system. We realise how important it is for you to keep your factory going, so we want to be there for you. It is always nice to have a helping hand from highly trained engineers at your disposal.

Out with the old, in with the new. V3 features a slick new user interface that guarantees a smoother experience.

V3 – Ready for the BIG screen?

The next generation of Versatile Technology gauges sporting our brand-new V3 system have launched! Enjoy more measurement capabilities and faster processing POWER. Featuring a larger 19” LCD Capacitive Touch Screen with a re-imagined user-friendly interface featuring dark and light themes.


EH179A Semi-Automatic Front End Gauge

Now you can have the best of both worlds, with the most advanced semi-automatic front end gauge on the market!

Our EH179A Multisize Semi-Automatic Front End Gauge can test any body size and height beverage can or cup without stopping or changeover.



To our valued customers around the world.

As you are aware the current Corona Virus, also known as COVID-19, is affecting international travel due to closed international borders and travel bans.



Our automatic beverage can gauges are known for their classic L-shape configuration. To live up to our name, our gauges can now be ordered with an in-line conveyor to suit different layout requirements.



Our superstar Brittany Melbourne has been training for the Olympic Skeet for the past 9 months. On the 12th to 18th January 2020 she travelled to Newcastle NSW to compete in two of the four trial events for her spot in the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, with the tough conditions and some nerves that kicked in, she didn’t go as well hoped. Later next month she will compete in final two deciding events.

We wish her all the best, but no matter the outcome, she’s still a superstar in our eyes!  



What started off as a chat between a couple of work colleagues, ended up as a whole workplace movement! Versatile Technology is participating in the Steptember Challenge to help raise funds for Cerebral Palsy.



On Sunday 9th June 2019 our European agent Tim Bulman married his beautiful wife Sarah by Lake Windermere.


Lang Dean 1930 – 2019

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Lang Dean. Lang would travel to Versatile to meet the team and customers from around the globe. We enjoyed his jokes, lunch dates and good vibes!

Rest in peace Lang!

From all at Versatile Technology.


The Grand Tour – Istanbul Global Supplier Awards

SpecMetrix and Versatile Technology’s ACS-T34 Automatic Coating Thickness Gauge is nominated for Can Tech’s The Grand Tour Global Supplier Awards! The ACS-T34 Auto Coating Thickness Gauge combines two of the world’s leading technology into one extraordinary system.



By Celeste Tralli 

Brad Jensen and I jetted off to Bangkok, Thailand for the annual Asia Can Tech conference. The event was held at the lavish Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers. Brad had attended this event a couple of years ago but for me, this was my very first time.




The world’s leading Beverage & Buckle Vent Gauge just got better with the new Rock UnRock Module


VT Visits Visy

Celeste Tralli

A group of us from Versatile Technology had a fantastic outing when we visited Visy’s Beverage Can Plant in Clayton, Australia in August this year. 


Asia Can Tech 2017

Asia Can Tech we’re coming!!

With just over 2 weeks to go, we will attend Asia Can Tech in Bangkok, Thailand. We will have our table top setup with information on our latest developments – such as our


The Hungary Games!

FITASC 39th Sporting Clays World Championship

Our world class fitter and turner- Ms. Brittany Cole recently participated in the 39th FITASC International Sporting Clays World Championship in Galgamácsa, Hungary.


Steve Roberts 1964 – 2017

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Steve Roberts, after a severe illness. Steve was Versatile Technology’s resident graphics designer and website guru.


Packed to the Rafters at VTHQ.

Versatile Technology hits the ground running for 2017. 

After a short xmas break we’ve returned to a mountain of machines to be shipped all around the world.


Bring out the big guns

Melbourne Model Engineering Exhibition

If you’re in Melbourne on the weekend of October 15 and 16 then you could be in for a treat. Experience raw V12 power in the flesh as Gerard cranks up his world famous 1/5 scale Tiger Tank 141 at the Melbourne Model Engineering Exhibition at Rowville Secondary College.


Double Vision

Just one gauge doing the work of two.

At Versatile Technology we are changing the game again with a single gauge that automatically tests dome depth, wall thickness and height for both cans and cups on the fly.


Big Ideas for a Small World.

VT at Cannex Fillex 2016

With gauges in 42 countries around the world we are lucky enough to make a lot of friends. Events like Cannex Fillex in Denver is an excellent opportunity to catch up with them all in one place.


Quality Control.

Keeping it in the family.

Don MacGavin of Anheuser-Busch InBev in St Louis Missouri, recently visited Versatile Technology HQ in Melbourne to review production of automated equipment that is destined for installation in several of their U.S. plants.


Too True?

Automatic Continuous Scan

Once you’ve decided to go automatic it’s hard to believe how much you now know about every single can you create.

The AD142 Automatic Front End Gauge reports sixteen parameters that involve wall thickness, can height and dome depth for every can tested.


Special Gauges Unit

For versatile customised solutions.

The Special Gauges Unit is your direct contact with Versatile Technology’s engineers who design and build our very precise testing and measuring systems.


Versatile Technology features in Silicon Chip Magazine.

Versatile Technology has been featured in an article in the January edition of Silicon Chip magazine. 

Silicon Chip is the premier monthly magazine in Australia for all things electronic and technological.  Ross Tester, their technical journalist, visited VT headquarters in Melbourne for a full ‘bells and whistles’ tour of our factory.


The Kid Turns 60

A momentous celebration was held at Versatile Technology HQ on Saturday to mark yet another milestone as our illustrious leader turned 60.


Playing our part

To keep over one billion safe.

Well the news is out that production is about to commence at the new Helvetia Packaging AG beverage can plant at Saarlouis in Germany.


Making the connection.

vTools by Versatile Technology.

vTools by Versatile Technology is the essential software suite to connect our systems to yours. It is a safe and secure bridge between the V2 processor that drives all Versatile machines and your own Windows PC and is compatible with Windows XP or newer.



Automatic and without force.

All over the world economic gains and environmental sustainability goals continue to be hot topics in the packaging industry. Down-gauging to use less material while still maintaining the performance of beverage cans is one solution to meeting these challenges. Today’s beverage can weighs as much as 40% less than it did forty years ago*.


Even More Versatile Than Before

Versatile Technology expands into larger premises.

Yes. Believe it or not, we are now even more versatile than we were before.

At Versatile Technology we often find that we’re continually restricted by a finite amount of space as production demands increase.

So we doubled that space.


New Faster Pop & Tear and Tab Strength Gauges

Including the tab tracer for measuring rivet tightness.

We’re pleased to announce upgrades and extra features for two of our gauges that measure pop & tear and tab strength for stay-on-tab beverage ends.


The Shaw Thing.

Kooranunda Rovers at Mudbash 2015

Over the Queen’s Birthday weekend, The Victorian Rovers hold their annual Mudbash at Mafeking Rover Park near Yea in central Victoria. A gruelling event, where thirty five crews from all over the state come together to get down and dirty by pitting their toughest machines against one another.


The Governor pays a visit.

Recently, it was our privilege to have His Excellency, The Governor of Victoria, The Hon. Alex Chernov AC QC visit us at Versatile Technology’s headquarters in Melbourne.


Cannex and Fillex 2015

See it first at Cannex – the world’s first automatic Rivet Tightness tester for beverage endmakers. Versatile releases the Tab Tracer module on the new Versatab

If you make beverage ends don’t leave Cannex until you see the new Versatile Tab Tracer in action.


Automatic Continuous Scanning. No longer a dream.

is no longer only a dream

At Versatile Technology, our research and development team are continually coming up with features to make our gauges faster and more accurate.

Now standard on both our automatic front and back end systems for beverage and DWI cans, we’ve introduced Automatic Continuous Scan.  A test that gives you instant insight into localised wall thickness variations on any single can.


There is no stopping on the super highway of testing.

Automatic, direct, multi-lane, on-line feed for the HD131D Enamel rater.


Our latest HD131D Automatic Enamel Rater for Beverage and Food cans, can be configured for direct on-line testing of any height and diameter without stopping or changeover.


Aligning the grain of truth.

Automatic grain alignment is now a standard feature of the AF059C automatic shell gauge.

Achieving accurate repeatability and reproducibility involves not only reducing variability within the instrument itself but also from the individuals that operate it. Aligning the grain of the sheet metal automatically eliminates yet another variable from any critical measurements taken.


We have only the whole world to thank.

Versatile Technology have been recognised at home for outstanding achievements abroad.

Our own Gerard Dean was summoned to Government House recently to collect the 2014 Governor of Victoria’s Export Award for Small Business.


Can you trust this can?

Yes. We think you can.

When packaging food in cans, it’s vital to keep the contents fresh for long periods of time under various conditions.

You need a can that you can trust.


Le Grand Départ Challenge 2014

Proud Supporters of 'Beating Cancer'

Versatile Technology’s Customer Support and Sales Manager in Europe is taking on a solo bike challenge. Mr. Tim Bulman will cycle from his home in Messingham N. Lincs to Silsden, W. Yorkshire, and back again – a total of 180 miles.


Metpack Reigns 2014

Chloe Wiggett-Scott

The triennial event Metpack, has stamped the World’s Metal Packaging Industry once again. Metpack in 2014 was anticipated to be a bigger show than ever before and naturally it came through. 


Tiger 141 Lands Home!

After winning the gold medal at London’s prestigious ‘Model Engineer Exhibition’ and landing on the front cover of their magazine, it is no surprise that the Wimmera Tiger was invited to stay at the Deutsches Panzermuseum in Munster. 


News from Messe Essen

It’s been a great week  for all the Versatile Technology crew at Metpack 2014 but we’re on the home straight now with only a few hours remaining. As you can see, the stand came up a treat and was greatly received by all those who visited.


We’re much closer than you think.

14,429.79 Kilometres - Oakleigh South to Messe Essen.

Gerard, Jean, Chloe and Tim travelled to Essen in Germany this week for Metpack 2014 and have learned that they’re less than 16430 kilometres from their home in Melbourne. (Practically around the corner.)


When you need answers back.

Keep returning to our website.

Our website is continually updated. We concentrate on the most frequently asked questions from customers, but also provide stacks of other useful information.

In fact, any questions you might have about the maintenance and operation of Versatile Technology gauges can be answered via our website 24/7.


Our dedicated V2 processor.

It’s made to measure.

It’s a dedicated microprocessor that’s developed by us for installation in all our gauges. And that’s precisely why our gauges are so exceptionally dependable and robust. (Servicing statistics for long standing customers conclusively demonstrate just how reliable this processor is.) 


Above all else, we’re Versatile.

Our gauges are designed and built in Australia, and are currently shipped to leading can makers all over the globe.

By almost any measure that you care to name, we’re on top of the world: unrivalled when it comes to the design and manufacture of testing and measuring equipment for the packaging industry.


A Meeting of two Modellers

Gerard Dean recently caught up with Walter, our local Festo representative. Both avid model builders, Gerard was lucky enough to catch a glance of Walter’s custom diorama, featuring a Games Workshop Eldar Grav Tank, which had been converted by Walter. Walter’s other work in scratch built models includes a detailed diorama of The Crow with functional lighting.


Their choice was Automatic

Versatile has recently been flooded… with orders for our Automatic Gauges. The factory is now filled with gauges to be assembled for customers, both new and long standing, opting for Versatile’s superior Automatic Gauges. Luckily, the experienced crew at Versatile have recently been augmented with some skilled additions to ensure the team is more than capable of handling the increased workload.

Versatile are extremely proud to be leading the way with these new machines, and welcome their new customers.  Despite their destinations being in multiple locations – it’s clear that the choice for these new orders was Automatic.


2014 Australia Day Ride

Australia Day of 2014 saw a large group of motorcyclists from Versatile tackle the roads together. Starting in Eltham, we proceeded toward King Lake and Healesville before stopping for food. A tough section of gravel road served a few challenges, but the group was led by a number of experienced riders and stuck together quite well. A short stop at Mt Donna Buang provided the scene for a foot race between three party members, as they attempted to prove fastest to the top of the watch tower present.


Snakes alive.

We take a versatile walk on the wild side.

Australia is famous for its fantastic beaches, the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and of course cutting edge can gauges. But there is also a dark side to the continent – deadly animals.

Our Western Taipan is the world’s most deadly snake, the Funnel Web spider is in the top 2, the White Pointer shark regularly feasts on surfers on Western Australian beaches and the cute little Blue Ringed octopus will finish you off in less than a minute.


NEW DV036E Beverage End Buckle Gauge



The Versatile Technology R&D team have developed the “E” Series DV036 gauge, which can handle any type of beverage end, whether it be SOT or RPT  for juice, non-CSD, CSD or beer.

Our new Panel Growth monitoring technology accurately monitors and detects the growth and buckle of the end under test, and provides realtime graphing on the 12″ LCD touch screen.

Due to an increased variety of beverage ends being manufactured by many of our customers, we have been asked to develop the ‘E’ model Beverage End Buckle Gauge which can test pressure-test them all.

In the past, testing juice and non-CSD beverage ends required a special gauge configuration, due to the low buckle pressures encountered as a result of the thinner material thickness.
This type of beverage end also require a different pressure ramp rate configuration compared with CSD/Beer ends.

New features include:

– Software selectable fast and slow flow rates for each type of end.
– Real-time graphing of pressure signatures for all testmodes.
– Traditional Pressure Drop or new Panel Growth buckle detection
– Easy to use 12″ LCD touch screen, with multi-language support


Clodagh makes TRAC’s

Our super sales engineer Ms Clodagh Monahan, after 9 short months, has made the move to our esteemed opposition, TRAC Measurement in the UK.


Euro CanTech 2013

If you’re attending Euro CanTech, do drop by our table top and have a chat with our European agent – Tim Bulman


Cannex – disappointing but definitive

Clodagh Monahan


Having recently added the final piece to our fleet of automatic gauges, Cannex presented itself as the perfect launch pad for the all-important American market. Following a very successful Cannex show in China in 2012, we expected big crowds and designed a stand to match our expectations.

Unfortunately for us and many other exhibitors; we threw a great party but nobody came. Feelings of anxiety were palpable when mid-way through the second day, the walkways remained barren. The only lone rangers were bored exhibitors.


The automatic place to go in Atlanta

Gerard, Brad and Clodagh are all at Cannex 2013.

Versatile Technology is at Stand 551 in Building A of the Georgia World Congress Center, so please come along and say hello to all of us. You’ll find us just across the way from the Gold Lounge (well, these conferences are thirsty work!).


Global Support

It’s only just down the road.

When you purchase a Versatile Technology gauge you will receive unrivalled global after sales care and support. With agents in Europe and the US as well as a mobile team of factory trained technicians based in Melbourne, we’re able to come to you anywhere and at anytime.



The difference.

We started business in 1990 by providing measurement technology to both the automotive and manufacturing industries.

In 1992 Versatile Technology began designing and manufacturing test systems for the Australian can makers, Amcor and Visy.


Extreme Accuracy

Delicate enough to measure the effect of this butterfly.

Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R) is a critical part of a successful process control system. Not only does it maintain customer specifications consistently, but it improves the accuracy of the manufacturing process.


The Automatic Decision

Versatile Technology

We believe the future of measuring and testing lies in fully automated equipment.

The world’s major can makers agree with us. Companies like Rexam, Ball, Crown, Amcor and Visy are already cutting their costs with our range of automatic measurement systems for both can and end plants.