MetPack 2023 (Chloe’s review)

I can’t believe it had been 6 years since the last Metpack. In between those years, we experienced something I never thought would occur. Attending Metpack after so long, was a great opportunity to see our customers, friends, and suppliers. You forget how fast time passes by, but one thing didn’t, our passion for metal packaging. In fact, we feel invigorated and ready to take on new challenges!

Setup day started off with a bang! We didn’t realise it was May day and all the stores were closed. My stomach dropped; all the months spent planning went out the window. A hot tip from Sencon, we could drive to the Netherlands. What we thought would be a short trip to Arnhem, Netherlands turned into 8hrs and close to 3hrs traffic jam on the autobahn. Not to worry, when we arrived back at Messe Essen, we dived into setting up the stand, our gauges and assembling our furniture.

No time to waste! The team began unpacking the crates containing our featured gauges.

Lookin’ good fellas, lookin’ good!

Early signs of how “Sleepy G” came to be. He claims to have “enjoyed” the scenery on the way to Netherlands.

This was a big show for us as we unveiled new gauges, new technology and introduced new faces. Our new SO185 Auto Combined Back End Gauge and AF059 Auto Shell Gauge were on full display featuring our latest V3 processor. Our customers were impressed with the change in technology and like the new capacitive touch screen.

It begins! Metpack 2023 was a ripper of a show.

Gerard, Ogi, Brad, Tim and I are trade show veterans but for our European service engineer – Karim Taha, it was his first show. Karim enjoyed the show, meeting our customers and being part of the experience. Our European customers were greeted by our European Manager – Tim Bulman, who shared his industry knowledge with our customers! 

Tim Bulman, Ogi and Karim ready to answer any questions!

Our friend Anders from Metop, Sweden joined us for a few days. We enjoyed a lovely German dinner at Ruettenscheider-Hausbrauerei where we ate way too much food! Anders only had a short walk home but the rest of us had to roll home. We cannot forget our other industry partner – SpecMetrix! Ogi and Brad enjoyed their “energy kicks” AKA Monster drinks from Greg Frisby. Vivian and Tricia from SpecMetrix also dropped in for a visit to our stand for a final goodbye and one last slab of Monster Energy. Thank you for the energy kick ladies! 

Go easy on the beers guys, we have a trade show to attend in the morning.

Catching up with the wonderful people from Specmetrix.

To Ogi and Brad, thank you for your friendship, jokes and stories. It was a pleasure traveling with you both! To Gerard, our “sleepy G”, the master of book signing and flirting with the opposition. Thank you for sharing your many stories, even if they were on repeat.

Book signing is now open.

Classic Gerard, always flirting with the competition. Seriously though, it was great to catch up with the Torus team!

To Karim, thank you for impressing us with your language skills and being sleepy G’s caretaker. To Tim, it was great to see you again and we are looking forward to your visit to Australia.

Family photo – looking forward to the next journey. Well, not sure about “sleepy G”.

Till next Metpack, Oj, Oj, Oj!