Making the connection.

vTools by Versatile Technology.

vTools by Versatile Technology is the essential software suite to connect our systems to yours. It is a safe and secure bridge between the V2 processor that drives all Versatile machines and your own Windows PC and is compatible with Windows XP or newer.

vTools is a system of modules that perform dedicated tasks.

mView allows remote viewing of test data and gauge status for multiple machines across your network. It also runs in a standard web browser and can be viewed on any computer or mobile device that has access to your network.


Debug and check hardware status of gauge sensors and inputs/outputs while being able to run tasks like loading and aligning remotely with Diagnostics.


The Camera module displays a real time image stream of a gauge’s testing area.


Remotely adjust a gauges test profiles and settings with the editor module.


Scriptor creates a configureable output of gauge test results that are compatible with your own production line systems.


And in the background, your gauges are in safe hands as OgMar automatically backs up all gauge configurations and settings remotely and without any input required from you.

All of your Versatile Technology gauge settings and controls are now only as far away as your fingertips. Thanks to vTools.