V2 Analogue Input Profile Selection


The V2 board utilises four analogue inputs in order to read values from a number of different input sources, such as load cells and temperature sensors. These may provide either a proportional output, or a fixed voltage response depending upon the internal structure of the input device.

Applicable Model(s):


The V2 board allows for the use of both types of input, and the profile used is selected via the jumper’s position on the board itself. The two jumpers locations on the board are as follows.
A jumper in the rightmost position is used to set the Ratio based input profile for the Analogue input. This is typically used for load cells and pressure transducers.
A jumper in the leftmost position is used to set the Absolute input profile for the Analogue input. This is typically used for sensors requiring absolute voltage measurements (e.g. temperature sensors).
When replacing an existing V2 board, verify the position of the jumpers on the existing board prior to replacement. If after board installation the force/pressure is reading half of the calibration standard or half of the expected measurement, move the jumper. If the problems persist, please contact Versatile for further information.