Performing a Software Update


Updates to the gauge software may be made available by Versatile Technology. Updates may add new gauge functionality or resolve gauge problems.
To Update the gauge you will need a USB stick (thumb drive, jump drive)

Applicable Model(s):


It is recommended you do a backup of the current gauge software and gauge files before performing a software update.

1. Obtain the binary file (*.bin) from Versatile Technology.
2. Plug the USB stick into the computer.
3. Create a folder on the USB called ‘UPDATE’
4. If the USB stick already has an UPDATE folder delete all files currently within it.
5. Copy the binary file to the UPDATE folder.

6. Remove the USB from the computer.
7. Plug the USB into the SERVICE PORT of the gauge.
8. Reset the gauge by turning off the gauge power then turning it back on again.
9. The gauge screen will display the prompt for the user verification to update once the gauge detects the USB stick.
10. Press ‘ENTER’ on the keypad to update.