Angle Encoder Setup


Access to the DIAGNOSTIC screen is required for this procedure. you should familiarize yourself with the operation of your gauge’s DIAGNOSTIC screen before you attempt this procedure

Applicable Model(s):


1. Access the gauge menu.
2. Enter the access code located in your gauge manual.

3. Open ‘Diagnostics’ to access the Encoder’s real time readigns.
4. Loosen the two grub screws allowing the Encoder Flange to spin freely on the shaft.

5. Manually rotate the Encoder Flange a full 360 degrees.
(This is an important step and allows the microprocessor to obtain a sync pulse)

6. continue to rotate until the display reads 0.0
7. Tighten the grub screws to lock the encoder into position.
8. if needed, fine tune the encoder reading via the two mounting screws.