There is no stopping on the super highway of testing.

Automatic, direct, multi-lane, on-line feed for the HD131D Enamel rater.


Our latest HD131D Automatic Enamel Rater for Beverage and Food cans, can be configured for direct on-line testing of any height and diameter without stopping or changeover.

The fully automatic Enamel Rater is capable of testing multiple lines on a single HD131D greatly reducing set up costs and operator labour time as well as significantly saving on factory floor space.



  • Optional direct line feed to conveyor or installed stand alone
  • Test any height and any diameter without stopping, changeover or changeparts
  • Automatic Gauge Verification – an internal self calibration
  • Height Adjustable Can Stabiliser
  • Manual Re-Checks on Conveyors Third Line
  • Froth Free Precision Filling
  • Industry Standard WACO instrumentation
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HD Screen

HD131D Results Screen with Automatic Gauge Verificaton