EH179A Semi-Automatic Front End Gauge

Now you can have the best of both worlds, with the most advanced semi-automatic front end gauge on the market!

Our EH179A Multisize Semi-Automatic Front End Gauge can test any body size and height beverage can or cup without stopping or changeover.

Based on our advanced AD142B Automatic Front End Gauge, the EH179A Gauge performs the same tests as the AD142B Gauge, minus the conveyor. The EH179A Gauge requires the canmaker to manually swap over the can after each test.

Semi-Automatic tests on cans and cups include:

  • Trimmed Can Height
  • Top Wall and Mid Wall Thickness
  • Dome Depth
  • Cup option tests all standard beverage can cups without changeover between sizes or cans.

Operators can select between a choice of single point, multi-point or 360° continuous scanning. Our 360º continuous scanning displays true maximum, minimum and average wall thickness plus can height instantly. The results and waveforms are displayed on a 15″ LCD colour touch screen.

The EH179 Multisize Semi-Automatic Front End Gauge is capable of our new Vertical Transition Scanning. Vertical Transition Scanning can do vertical scans at multiple points around the can and will display the canwall thickness profile. The scans can be graphed on either the gauge screen or in a can profile heat map software.

1024Image above: EH179A Semi-Auto Front End Gauge simultaneously measuring can height and top wall thickness.
Image above: The 15″ colour touch screen displays real time data where operators can pick up discrepancy’s in the can right away. Saving the canmaker time, can wastage and money.
Above: Heat map of Vertical Transition Scanning

Check out our EH179A Multisize Semi-Automatic Front End Gauge in action.