Special Gauges Unit

The Special Gauges Unit is your direct contact with Versatile Technology’s engineers who design and build our very precise testing and measuring systems.


When you need answers back.

Our website is continually updated. We concentrate on the most frequently asked questions from customers, but also provide stacks of other useful information.

In fact, any questions you might have about the maintenance and operation of Versatile Technology gauges can be answered via our website 24/7.


Our dedicated V2 processor.

It’s a dedicated microprocessor that’s developed by us for installation in all our gauges. And that’s precisely why our gauges are so exceptionally dependable and robust. (Servicing statistics for long standing customers conclusively demonstrate just how reliable this processor is.) 


Above all else, we’re Versatile.

Our gauges are designed and built in Australia, and are currently shipped to leading can makers all over the globe.

By almost any measure that you care to name, we’re on top of the world: unrivalled when it comes to the design and manufacture of testing and measuring equipment for the packaging industry.


Global Support

When you purchase a Versatile Technology gauge you will receive unrivalled global after sales care and support. With agents in Europe and the US as well as a mobile team of factory trained technicians based in Melbourne, we’re able to come to you anywhere and at anytime.



We started business in 1990 by providing measurement technology to both the automotive and manufacturing industries.

In 1992 Versatile Technology began designing and manufacturing test systems for the Australian can makers, Amcor and Visy.


Extreme Accuracy

Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R) is a critical part of a successful process control system. Not only does it maintain customer specifications consistently, but it improves the accuracy of the manufacturing process.


The Automatic Decision

We believe the future of measuring and testing lies in fully automated equipment.

The world’s major can makers agree with us. Companies like Rexam, Ball, Crown, Amcor and Visy are already cutting their costs with our range of automatic measurement systems for both can and end plants.