Can you trust this can?

Yes. We think you can.

When packaging food in cans, it’s vital to keep the contents fresh for long periods of time under various conditions.

You need a can that you can trust.

At Versatile Technology we’ve created a range of automatic testing and measuring systems to monitor food cans during production and ensure they are maintaining standards of high quality. The gauges are completely automated so there is no need to stop for changeover. There are no interruptions to your workflow and inspection staff are freed from monotonous testing procedures. Each gauge completes its tests continuously, accurately and reliably, without the need to shut down the production line for reconfiguration. With human error removed you’re left with peace of mind knowing that critical measurements are being monitored with ruthless precision and GR&R capability.

 SD143A Automatic DWI Front End Gauge

SD143A Automatic DWI Front End Gauge


The SD143A Automatic DWI Front end gauge measures wall thickness and can height of trimmed DWI cans (sizes 211 through to 401) with no need to stop or change parts.

As an option, the three lane conveyor can be directly fed from your production line. Cans are loaded and positioned automatically while multiple readings are repeated and reproduced accurately with automatic rotation.

Controlled via the 15″ LCD touch screen this gauge displays graphs of single point measurements of the top wall and mid wall in real time. Out of specification results also display on screen with a warning beacon above to alert operators nearby.

Passed and failed cans are sorted automatically as they are ejected from the gauge.

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HW137B Automatic DWI Two Piece Can Gauge

HW137B Automatic DWI Two Piece Can Gauge


Automatically measuring 2 piece beaded cans for overall height, flange width, base beads, base bulge and countersink is the HW137B Automatic DWI 2 Piece Can Gauge.

With guaranteed repeatability and reproducibility, it measures can sizes 211 through to 401 without stopping, requiring no change parts or changeover.

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PD138B Automatic Implosion And Crush Gauge


The PD138B Implosion and Crush gauge will show you just how much punishment your food cans are able to endure. It tests panel implosion pressure up to 2050 kPa and crush force up to 800kg that includes the distance measurement as well.

The large three lane conveyor can be fed directly while handling can sizes from 211 to 401 with no change parts, no changeover or stopping necessary.

Tests are graphed in real time on screen with highlighted out-of-specification indicators and a warning beacon.

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HD131C Automatic Food Can Enamel Rater


Well it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts and this is where the HD131C Automatic Food Can Enamel Rater comes into its own.

Testing metal exposure for cans 211 through to 401 its three lane conveyor can be configured to be fed directly from the production line.

No Stopping. No change parts. No changeover.

Cans that pass or fail are sorted automatically as they eject from the gauge.

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All of our Versatile Technology gauges are controlled by our own dedicated V2 processor so you can be confident of reliability, stability and accuracy time and time again.


Versatile Technology for 2 Piece DWI Food Cans.