Tribute to Brian: A Journey of Two Decades

Today, with immense joy and gratitude, we honour Brian, who has been an integral part of our USA support team for over 20 incredible years. We’ve not only witnessed but actively contributed to the remarkable growth of Brian’s company, Regal, creating a legacy of shared accomplishments and success.

Our journey has been filled with exciting trade shows, memorable road trips, seamless installations, and collaborative ventures that have defined the essence of our professional relationship. Brian’s unwavering commitment and infectious enthusiasm have turned every project into a thrilling adventure, leaving an indelible mark on our collective experiences.

Alister and Brian are good friends and always make sure to catch up while servicing gauges in the US.

Reflecting on a particular highlight, we fondly recall Brian and his family’s visit to Australia in 2014. Taking the scenic route to Sydney in Gerard’s car, they not only explored new landscapes but also strengthened the bonds of friendship that make our professional journey truly exceptional.

Brian and Connie at one of the many tradeshows we have ventured together.


As Brian embarks on new horizons, we extend our deepest gratitude for two decades of dedication, positivity, and shared triumphs. Your legacy of excellence will undoubtedly endure, and the positive impact you’ve had on our team is immeasurable.

We shipped the Tiger to Regal in Louisville and loaded it in the back of Brian’s truck. Brian and Connie took Gerard for a drive to Detroit. On the way we stopped at a can plant and Brian told the crew and so Gerard drove the Tiger around their car park!!!!.


May this new chapter be filled with even greater achievements and fulfillment. We eagerly anticipate the day when you’ll once again grace us with your presence Down Under, continuing the legacy of collaboration and camaraderie that has defined our shared history.

Brittany in the US catching up with Brian and handing him his ‘VT Appreciation Trophy’.

Here’s to Brian, a beacon of positivity, a valued colleague, and a driving force behind our collective success. Your future endeavours are destined for greatness, and we’re excited to witness the positive impact you’ll undoubtedly make. Cheers to a bright and fulfilling journey ahead!