Automatic Continuous Scanning. No longer a dream.

is no longer only a dream

At Versatile Technology, our research and development team are continually coming up with features to make our gauges faster and more accurate.

Now standard on both our automatic front and back end systems for beverage and DWI cans, we’ve introduced Automatic Continuous Scan.  A test that gives you instant insight into localised wall thickness variations on any single can.

Seeing more detail sooner Saves you in every possible way

Automatic Continuous Scan saves you the precious time lost while averaging statistical data collected over many cans through regular multi-point sampling.

Absolute maximum versus absolute minimum wall thickness measurements from sampled points around the entire circumference reflect a true average on every can every time.

Graphic results are displayed immediately on screen with out-of-specification indicators and  a warning beacon above.

And of course, it goes without saying, our gauges are automatically fed via a multi-size three lane conveyor that can be connected directly to your can line to ensure that you never need to stop for product size changes.

A winning system that delivers unrivalled GR&R standards and superior gauge capabilities the world over.

Automatic Continuous Scan – Only by Versatile Technology.

AD142 Automatic Front End Gauge