Aligning the grain of truth.

Automatic grain alignment is now a standard feature of the AF059C automatic shell gauge.

Achieving accurate repeatability and reproducibility involves not only reducing variability within the instrument itself but also from the individuals that operate it. Aligning the grain of the sheet metal automatically eliminates yet another variable from any critical measurements taken.

Our AF059C Beverage Shell Gauge automatically aligns the metal grain of each end before analysing curl height, countersink, unit height, panel depth, curl opening, external curl diameter and internal curl diameter.

Load ends of varying sizes from 200 through to 206 or 209 if requested. No changeover parts or stopping are required. Results are tabled on screen and pass/fail ends are also sorted automatically on ejection.

And true to form, the AF059C is controlled by our own Versatile Technology V2 processor so you can be confident of stability and reliability time and time again.


The AF056C Automatic Shell Gauge in action.

Tabled results displayed on the 15” Colour LCD Touch Screen interface.

AF059C Automatic Shell Gauge with grain alignment.

Load variable sized ends with no changeover parts required.

AF059C Automatic Shell Gauge with grain alignment.