Above all else, we’re Versatile.

Our gauges are designed and built in Australia, and are currently shipped to leading can makers all over the globe.

By almost any measure that you care to name, we’re on top of the world: unrivalled when it comes to the design and manufacture of testing and measuring equipment for the packaging industry.

So we’re obviously doing something right. Like making fully automatic machines that eliminate the need for changeover, passing on enormous workflow benefits to you.

And with gauges that complete tests on any size or type of can continuously, accurately and reliably, without the need to shut down the production line for reconfiguration.

Our machines contain the V2 Microprocessor Controller that’s purpose-built by Versatile Technology. And all equipment is calibrated to international standards and benchmarks.

Little wonder Versatile Technology is almost everyone’s automatic choice – no matter where in the world they are.