October 2013 

NEW DV036E Beverage End Buckle Gauge


The Versatile Technology R&D team have developed the “E” Series DV036 gauge, which can handle any type of beverage end, whether it be SOT or RPTĀ  for juice, non-CSD, CSD or beer.

Our new Panel Growth monitoring technology accurately monitors and detects the growth and buckle of the end under test, and provides realtime graphing on the 12″ LCD touch screen.

Due to an increased variety of beverage ends being manufactured by many of our customers, we have been asked to develop the ‘E’ model Beverage End Buckle Gauge which can test pressure-test them all.

In the past, testing juice and non-CSD beverage ends required a special gauge configuration, due to the low buckle pressures encountered as a result of the thinner material thickness.
This type of beverage end also require a different pressure ramp rate configuration compared with CSD/Beer ends.

New features include:

– Software selectable fast and slow flow rates for each type of end.
– Real-time graphing of pressure signatures for all testmodes.
– Traditional Pressure Drop or new Panel Growth buckle detection
– Easy to use 12″ LCD touch screen, with multi-language support